MetaView Network Management System

Total control and visibility into the operation of your entire Metaswitch infrastructure

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    A complete portfolio of management and analytics tools

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    Deployable as dynamically scalable cloud native VNFs

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    Simple-to-use UIs with multiple access levels and audit trails

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    Deep insight into critical services and cloud-based components

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    Standards-based northbound APIs for OSS integration


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    Works with any MANO platform


At the core of every Metaswitch network, the MetaView Network Management System provides provisioning, configuration, fault reporting, statistics and troubleshooting services across the entire Metaswitch product range.

Designed to help network operators minimize operational costs, MetaView is both extremely powerful in its management capabilities as well as intuitive. It offers a choice of user interfaces and unique capabilities that address the particular challenges of troubleshooting, device configuration and service quality control.

  • MetaView Explorer: provides provisioning, configuration, fault reporting, statistics and troubleshooting services across the entire Metaswitch product range
  • MetaView Web: brings together all subscriber and CPE configuration in an intuitive browser-based interface
  • Voice Quality Monitoring: collects, analyzes and reports statistics for voice quality in a VoIP network
  • SIP Provisioning Server: remotely manages the configuration and firmware level of a wide range of SIP phones and access devices
  • Complete ISO fault, configuration, accounting, performance, security (FCAPS) capabilities
  • Supports standard OSS integration with northbound APIs, including SNMP, REST, SOAP and CORBA
  • Supports integration with any NFVI Management and Orchestration (MANO) platform

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Why use Metaswitch’s MetaView network management system?

Adding or maintaining subscriber profiles, and troubleshooting operational problems, can be an expensive and time consuming proposition, with the risk that any mistakes or delays can lead to decreased customer satisfaction.


MetaView makes it easier for network operators to manage their subscribers and infrastructure with a consistent and easy-to-use suite of tools for operations, administration, management, provisioning and analytics that span all Metaswitch platforms.

MetaView dramatically simplifies the process of rolling out new services to large enterprise and residential customers alike, while practically eliminating configuration errors. Moreover, the MetaView portfolio of products includes comprehensive real-time analytics and key performance indicator measurements, enabling unmatched and always-on visibility - right down to the protocol decode level.

ENA is currently serving two of the top 25 school districts in the U.S. with our hosted VoIP service. Metaswitch's network software infrastructure has enabled us to integrate innovative, hosted unified communications (UC) services that provide a superior level of visibility."
Amanda Yoders
Senior Product Manager, ENA

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