Service Assurance Server

Revolutionary monitoring, troubleshooting and analytics for emerging communications service architectures

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    Saves time and money wasted on identifying problems

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    A proactive diagnostics and analytics platform

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    No probes, span ports or NetFlow degradation

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    Distributed database scales to billions of call records

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    Quick and easy drill-down to target problem areas

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    Cloud native design, ideal for NFV deployments


The 100% cloud native MetaView Service Assurance Server (SAS) platform is the most comprehensive integrated tool for diagnostics and analytics of rich multimedia communications on both fixed line and mobile infrastructures.

SAS collects every signaling packet, every rule applied and every routing decision made by individual Metaswitch network functions and stores them for proactive analysis and deep packet protocol decode.

  • Cloud native VNFs
  • Pro-active analytics always running
  • Complete call diagnostics information, regardless of protocols used
  • Records user endpoints
  • Records SIP registrations
  • Records Accession client interactions
  • Protocol flow ladder diagrams
  • Packet decode information
  • No expensive probes
  • No independent collectors
  • No switch/router span ports/mirrors
  • No degradation of network functions it monitors
  • Distributed database scales to billions of call records
  • Real-time queries
  • Supports management and orchestration (MANO) platforms

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Why use Metaswitch’s Service Assurance Server?

Today’s converged communications services are more technologically sophisticated than ever before, incorporating dynamically-instantiated network functions and varying consumer access mechanisms with ever-changing user endpoints. Maintaining customer loyalty in this environment, however, is still firmly rooted in the rapid resolution of internetworking issues, quality problems and hard outages.

MetaView Service Assurance Server is unique in that it provides detailed diagnostics for all calls, over all protocols, all the time. These detailed call traces enable your technicians to diagnose many common con guration, network and interoperability problems, saving you time and money.

  • Our cloud native software is robust, scalable and flexible
  • Saves time and money wasted on identifying problems
  • Allows technicians to pinpoint records of interest by time, source, destination or error code
  • Technicians can use detailed call traces to diagnose many common configuration, network and interoperability problems
  • Scales elastically on-demand whenever additional analytics capacity is required
  • With MANO, SAS capacity can be dynamically deployed when other new Metaswitch platforms are instantiated and can start collecting call records automatically without any additional manual provisioning steps
We use Service Assurance Server everyday, for almost every issue a customer reports.
Dave Butterworth
  • Telstra

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