VNF Manager

Comprehensive operational automation for Metaswitch cloud native solutions

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    Standalone VNF Manager for Metaswitch VNFs

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    Automated error-free instantiation, healing and upgrade

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    Automated elastic scaling or manual push-button control

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    APIs for direct integration with MANO stack

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    Optional expansion as VNFM-G for non-Metaswitch VNFs

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    Professional services for deployment design and integration


VNF Manager integrates with a network operator’s operational toolchain – at any level – by exposing simple and consistent APIs for lifecycle operations for all Metaswitch virtualized network functions (VNFs), and adapts as MANO systems are refined and evolved.

VNF Manager combines Metaswitch Deployment Manager with Cloudify to provide network operators with easy, day-one operation of Metaswitch’s cloud native solutions and integrates Metaswitch VNFs into ETSI MANO-based operational systems. 

Optionally, Metaswitch can also deliver generic VNF management and MANO tools for non-Metaswitch VNFs or provide a standalone version of Metaswitch Deployment Manager (without Cloudify), which provides comprehensive APIs enabling direct integration with MANO systems, which might be required if a network operator deploys a single Generic VNFM (VNFM-G) for all VNFs.

  • Supports all Metaswitch VNFs
  • Automation for all lifecycle operations:instantiation, healing, upgrade, scale out / scale in
  • Error-free instantiation, healing and upgrade, which ensures correct geo-distributed VNF location, correct database cluster quorum per-site, and predictable failover behaviour
  • Scales to any size of Metaswitch VNF network deployment
  • Supports automated elastic scaling or manual push-button control
  • APIs for direct integration with MANO stack at any level
  • Optional expansion as VNFM-G for non-Metaswitch VNFs, or complete MANO toolchain
  • Available for Openstack and VMware VM-based deployments or for Kubernetes orchestrated container-based NFV

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Why use Metaswitch’s VNF Manager?

The sheer scale of deployments envisaged for NFV demand good operational automation. Without this, it will be impossible to achieve the agility expected. When clouds are measured in thousands of hosts across tens or hundreds of sites, automated deployment tools will be the only way to avoid damaging and costly errors that impact service availability or security.

Good automation ensures that cloud and network resources are used efficiently, and it frees up scarce human resources to focus on real service innovation.

Metaswitch has built containerized cloudbursting to public clouds, demonstrating the power of well-designed orchestration APIs from MDM to automate the most demanding operations.

  • Service in days, not years
  • Reusable microservices
  • Geo-localized instantiation
  • Continuous integration
  • Faster, simpler upgrade
  • Better than 99.999% availability from IT-grade cloud
  • N+k geo-redundancy efficiencies
  • Ops staff can focus on value-add tasks
  • Professional services support from Metaswitch for orchestrated virtual deployment design and integration

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