Mobile Native Unified Communications

Network voice, automated identity management, and unified communications and collaboration for enterprise

  • Intuitive collaboration via native dialer: meetings, messaging and CRM integration

  • icon-mobile-efficiency

    Business quality voice: reliability and quality of the mobile network

  • icon-multi-persona

    Multi-persona, multi-device service for voice and messaging

  • icon-cloud-engineering

    Network intelligence for automated identity management

  • icon-shared-identity

    One-step onboarding: simple fast user journey to self-onboard

  • icon-applications

    Complete hosted PBX and UC applications


MaX UC is an in-network, mobile-native UC&C solution designed from the ground up to deliver a seamless mobile experience. It combines the native dialer experience of the smartphone with network-based voice services, UC and collaboration features. MaX UC is easily deployed in operator networks and enables operators to offer mobile native unified communications to the lucrative enterprise segment.

User experience is central to service adoption. A perfect union of QoS-enabled, network-based multi-identity capabilities, the purity of the native dialer on any smartphone, simple onboarding and a comprehensive suite of PBX and UC features is the basis of the MaX mobile native UC experience.


  • Native dialer UC user experience
  • Full mobile, tablet, PC, deskphone and room system support
  • Integrated video and collaboration
  • Network voice for superior quality and reliability
  • Network-based intelligence automates multiple identities
  • Multi-device support for voice and messaging
  • Complete hosted PBX and UC features
  • Cross-platform: consistent UX on Android and iOS
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Integration with CRM and productivity applications
  • High-end omni-channel contact center
  • Fully rebrandable mobile and desktop apps
  • Comprehensive built-in analytics
  • Cloud native VNFs
  • Powerful operations and deployment tools
  • Compatible with VoLTE and 2G/3G networks

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Why use Metaswitch’s Mobile Native Unified Communications solution?

The mass-adoption of mobile as the primary means of business communications has created challenges for both users and businesses. Many workers have to juggle business and personal personas on a single mobile device; meanwhile, difficulty in onboarding, a confusing dialing experience and inconsistent voice quality means most workers don’t use the UC apps provided by their employers. For businesses, a mobile workforce challenges them to maximize productivity, customer service and compliance with regulatory and IT security policies.

Mobile service providers are in a unique position to capitalize on these trends with MaX UC, a new breed of UC platform, targeting the lucrative business market. The solution is easily deployed in operator networks and enables them to grow revenue and differentiate their offering vs over-the-top (OTT) messaging, voice and UC solutions by leveraging their network assets.

By shifting the primary interface to the native dialer on any mobile device, MaX UC delivers a seamless user experience. Users can support multiple personas on a single mobile device, and access those personas across multiple devices, allowing them to seamlessly balance business and personal calls with embedded network intelligence. Voice quality is never compromised as services are delivered using the inherent reliability and quality of the mobile cellular network.

  • Provide innovative, revenue-generating services in the growing business UC market
  • Deliver a superior mobile native user experience for UC
  • Leverage your network assets to differentiate vs over-the-top (OTT) apps and services with superior UX and QoS
  • Extend your brand on to mobile devices
  • Works with any mobile network – no barrier to deployment
  • Robust, scalable and flexible cloud native software
Businesses need to make decisions and solve customers’ problems faster than ever before, but mass adoption of smartphones as the primary device has broken business collaboration. High friction to onboard today’s mobile apps, confusing dialing experience and inconsistent voice quality means most workers don’t use the tool. In the context of a $27B annual business spend on UCaaS by 2022, the impact on business outcomes is enormous.


Zeus Kerravala
ZK Research

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