Metaswitch Demonstrates Control Plane Interoperability of Ethernet over OTN and Multi-Domain Networking

Control Plane technologies enable flexible, reliable and rapid end-to-end service delivery in multi-layer, multi-domain networks


San Francisco, CA, March 5, 2012 — Metaswitch today announced it has successfully completed interoperability tests of its Integrated Control Plane solutions at the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Interoperability 2012 event hosted by telecom operators Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom/Orange, KDDI, and Verizon.

The OIF testing allows leading service providers from all over the world to evaluate new technologies and determine how to incorporate them into their networks. The Metaswitch optical control plane technologies under evaluation include support for OIF Implementation Agreements E-NNI 2.0 and UNI 2.0 with extensions for both multi-layer calls and OTN. These technologies reside on network equipment platforms to enable dynamic establishment of end-to-end services over multiple vendor types, network layers, and network domains.

"Over the years, Metaswitch has been a key contributor in the advancement of OIF control plane technologies," said Lyndon Ong, Ciena representative into the OIF. "Their participation in this 2012 event is helping prove that dynamic Ethernet services can be delivered quickly and efficiently over optical networks in a fully multi-vendor interoperable fashion."

Metaswitch’s control plane software, including MPLS and IP Routing solutions, are fully portable software products designed for system vendors of carrier equipment. This network technology is pre-integrated with all the leading operating systems and is portable to any hardware environment, enabling network OEMs to roll out control plane solutions in a quick and cost-effective manner.

"We have been active participants in each and every OIF control plane-based interoperability event over the last decade, which helps assure our customers that our products are well proven and interoperable," said Clive Partridge, general manager of network technologies at Metaswitch. "There is no better stage to demonstrate our innovative solutions than alongside the industry’s largest network equipment vendors and operators."

Demonstrations of the interoperability tests will be on display at OFC/NFOEC, March 6-8 at the OIF booth #713.

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Learn more about Metaswitch’s OTN control plane functionality - see Deploy OTN Today.

Metaswitch’s participation in the 2012 OIF Interoperability test is documented in the OIF whitepaper which may be found here.

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OIF Interoperability 2012

Twelve carriers and vendors, including Metaswitch, will unite under the banner of the Optical Internetworking Forum to showcase multi-vendor participation in a multi-carrier environment at OIF Interoperability 2012 – Enabling High-Speed Dynamic Services. The OIF’s Networking interoperability test and demonstration will be conducted simultaneously in Europe, Asia and North America. The OIF will showcase multi-vendor data plane and control plane interworking of systems supporting Ethernet Services over OTN in a multi-carrier environment.

A public demonstration of the interoperability test will be on display March 6-8, 2012 at OFC/NFOEC in Los Angeles, CA, OIF Booth #713. Additional information can be found at