ND SatCom Selects Joint Tail-f/Metaswitch Solution to Deliver Streamlined Routing and Network Management


Stockholm and London, June 25, 2013 — Tail-f Systems, a leading provider of on-device management and programmability solutions, and Metaswitch Networks, today announced that Astrium Services’ subsidiary ND SatCom has selected a joint offering that includes Tail-f’s ConfD and Metaswitch’s IP routing solutions to deliver routing and network management through its satellite communication applications.

Tail-f has partnered with Metaswitch in order to help businesses reduce product development cycles. ND SatCom is now taking advantage of this technology partnership through the adoption of the MetaCLI Tail-Pack, which integrates Metaswitch routing protocols into Tail-f’s technology. In addition, ND SatCom’s adoption of the Tail-f ConfD product helps it further reduce its time to market for new solutions.

“After evaluating various products, we chose Tail-f’s and Metaswitch’s off-the-shelf solution to help us better serve our customers,” said Michael Weixler, Director of Technology at ND SatCom. “With ConfD’s integration with Metaswitch’s MetaCLI, we anticipate a faster time to market for products while maintaining the network management experience operators expect.”

Having integration between ConfD and Metaswitch Layer 3 routing protocols, without the need for additional programming, will enable ND SatCom to more quickly auto-render a fully transactional Cisco CLI and other northbound interfaces like NETCONF and WebUI.

“Working with Metaswitch is helping us deliver on our commitment to simplifying network management,” said Hakan Millroth, CTO of Tail-f Systems. “The new pre-integrated routing ability delivered by this partnership complements our on-device solutions to deliver fast, effective on-device management and programmability.”

About ConfD:

Tail-f’s ConfD is the market leading solution for building on-device management systems for all kinds of networking equipment. ConfD auto-renders all critical northbound interfaces (CLI, Web UI, NETCONF, SNMP and a RESTFul API) from a single data model. Designed with a robust infrastructure, ConfD includes an embedded database, transaction management, and support for high-availability deployments.

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About Tail-f Systems

Tail-f Systems is a leading provider of network service programmability solutions for traditional and Software-Defined Networks (SDN).Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Tail-f is a Red Herring Top 100 company, a Stratecast Global OSS/BSS 10 to Watch Company, and a Pipeline Network Innovations Award Finalist. www.tail-f.com.

About ASTRIUM and ND SatCom

ASTRIUM is the number one company in Europe for space technologies and the third in the world. In 2011, Astrium had a turnover close to €5 billion and 18,000 employees worldwide, mainly in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands. Astrium is the sole European company that covers the whole range of civil and defence space systems and services. ND SatCom is a subsidiary of Astrium Services, and is a leading global supplier of satellite-based broadband VSAT, broadcast, government and defence communication network and ground station solutions.

About Metaswitch Networks

Metaswitch is powering the transition of communication networks into a cloud-based, software-centric future. With a reputation earned by solving tough technical problems, Metaswitch develops openly programmable solutions that run on standard hardware or in virtualized environments and act as the key control points in elastic voice, video and data networks. Hundreds of network operators worldwide defend, extend and brand their business by building on Metaswitch to deliver a reliable, scalable, and immersive communications experience. For more information, please visit www.metaswitch.com.