Cloud Contact Center

Extend hosted business service offerings to include comprehensive contact center solutions


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      • Solutions for small, medium and large contact centers

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      • Cost-effective for network operators and their customers

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      • Powerful functionality, including workforce management

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      • Meets essential regulatory compliance standards like HIPAA

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      • Dashboards and analytics optimize agent performance


With the benefits of rapid deployment, effortless administration and dynamic feature upgrades, local and global enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud contact center solutions to guarantee outstanding service and support for their critical clients and prospects. Hosted contact centers eliminate capital expenses and dramatically reduce operational costs while enabling businesses to provide a superior customer experience.

This broad market trend is creating new revenue-generating opportunities for network operators looking to extend an existing hosted business services portfolio or move into this lucrative area. 

Product description

Product description

With Metaswitch’s Integrated ACD (iACD), network operators can host small-to-medium size contact center offerings locally on their existing infrastructure. For enterprises demanding feature-rich medium-to-large contact center solutions, network operators can leverage Metaswitch’s Cloud Contact Center (CCC), powered by Telax.

Metaswitch’s iACD incorporates a core set of auto attendant features, such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and call queuing, with powerful wall boards, supervisor portals and options like Barge-Monitor-Whisper, enabling managers to coach agents or assist in active calls. Comprehensive client interfaces allow agents to easily manage their individual station, view queue status notifications and assign appropriate call disposition codes.

Metaswitch’s Cloud Contact Center dynamically scales to meet the requirements of the largest, most demanding contact center operators. Featuring intelligent skill-based routing, customizable reporting and workforce management, CCC gives enterprise customers the tools they need to run a contact center efficiently and effectively. CCC includes full multimedia queues for voice, email, social media and chat, enabling agents to communicate with contacts in their preferred way. Moreover, extensive IVR functionality allows contacts to resolve common requests through a highly customizable self-service interface, which reduces the number of calls routed to agents and decreases hold times for others.

Our CCC has been certified to meet essential industry regulatory compliance standards such as HIPAA, SSAE 16 and PCI DSS 3.0, and delivers high availability through around-the-clock network monitoring and geographically dispersed host data centers. 


Bob Ashley

Senior Product Manager, Fairpoint Communications

Cloud Contact Center is a great product for a lot of companies that could not afford a premises-based system, but can get contact center capabilities to improve their analytics and performance.

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