With over 20 years of experience, Metaswitch has established itself as the one-stop shop for high performance, fault-tolerant network technologies, giving communications service providers and OEMs the tools they need to get to market quickly, cost-effectively, and with the features they need for next generation network services and devices.

We take a long-term approach to our networking customers, creating strategic, long-lasting customer relationships and delivering future-proof product architectures. This helps build sustainable, successful businesses, which is ultimately in the best interests of both Metaswitch and our client base.

Metaswitch is a company built on values. Our values underpin everything we do, from recruitment to product development to a relentless focus on making our customers successful. The end result is an enduring world-class company that strives to stay a relevant, valued partner to telecom service providers around the globe.


Quality Engineering

In an industry beset by project overruns and defect-ridden products, Metaswitch’s dedication to quality engineering has helped distinguish us by consistently delivering on time, to the highest quality standards.

We aim to recruit the best talent in the industry, and train and develop them into outstanding engineers who build-in quality from the outset into every product. Our low employee turnover rate - on average less than 3% per year - results in stable, well disciplined teams and retention of knowledge that avoids the product degradation that happens over time in less cohesive organizations.



Our unrelenting focus on reliability has built a company that you can rely on. We deliver products that do what they say and that run your network long after you’ve gone home. These products deliver solutions from a company, and people, that you can trust.

Reliability means being honest about our capabilities and building relationships of trust with our customers. This is how we forge the cornerstones of our past and future success.


Exceptional Support

In an industry that too often settles for "good enough", Metaswitch's support is now legendary. Beyond the usual support options - 24x7 helpline, software upgrades, hardware maintenance, installation, training - Metaswitch brings an attitude that regards support engineering as a highly valued position in the organization.


An attitude that says our success depends on your success, so we'll do whatever it takes to ensure that. It’s an attitude that avoids anonymous call centers and puts you in direct contact with your personal support engineer. No wonder that four out of five customers say we provide better support than ANY other vendor they work with.

  • Layer 2

    Metaswitch's Layer 2 portable software provides a complete control plane solution for Ethernet platforms. Our Layer 2 solutions were designed and developed by the same Metaswitch engineers who architected our industry leading Layer 3 and GMPLS/MPLS portable products thus enabling a fully integrated control plane solution under a single, common software architecture. Metaswitch's Layer 2 product suite provides a full range of protocols enabling OEMs to deliver solutions in Carrier Ethernet, Mobile Backhaul, and Data Center environments. )))

  • Layer 3

    Layer 3 route discovery mechanisms are the backbone of any network, large or small. Designed from the ground-up for network functions virtualization but equally ideal for integration within dedicated hardware platforms, Metaswitch provides a full range of feature-rich, fully portable Layer 3 IPv4 and IPv6 routing software products. )))


    Since its introduction in the late 1990s, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) has evolved into a hugely successful and flexible networking technology.In its original RFC 3031 guise, the fundamental MPLS concept was to switch packets based upon looking up a label in the packet header. This label is swapped with a different label suitable for the next hop towards the packet's destination. In this form it has been widely deployed on routers and switches, under the IP/MPLS moniker. )))

  • OAM

    Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) has been used for many years in connection oriented (e.g. TDM) and connectionless (e.g. IP) networks for connectivity verification, path discovery, fault detection, and performance monitoring. There are a variety OAM tools used in IP, MPLS, MPLS-TP, pseudowires, and Ethernet which are defined in the IETF, ITU and IEEE. In some cases a common OAM protocol is used across multiple network technologies (e.g. BFD).Metaswitch OAM Support )))

  • Path Computation Element (PCE)

    DC-PCE is portable software for path computation element solutions designed for OEMs and carriers. It was architected and developed by the same Metaswitch engineers who created the industry leading IP Routing and MPLS protocol solutions. The end  result is a carrier class product that draws upon our long history of success and experience in routing, signaling and virtualization. )))

  • VoIP

    Voice over IP, or more generally multimedia over IP, is the ability to set up interactive messaging, telephony and video conferencing over an IP network. Metaswitch provides carrier-grade VoIP and IMS network software products as portable source-code for OEMs developing VoIP/IMS solutions or adding VoIP/IMS capabilities to existing products.Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP)MEGACO/H.248DiameterApplications )))

  • ATM

    Metaswitch's DC-ATM software products provide a complete source code solution for all ATM device vendors, including developers of ATM end systems, test equipment, access devices, enterprise and backbone switches, and interworking devices. The suite includes an entire range of fully fault-tolerant and fully distributable portable ATM software. In conjunction with Metaswitch's IP Routing, MPLS, MGCP/Megaco, and SIP products, the DC-ATM software can form part of comprehensive protocol interworking and gateway devices.Complete ATM solutions )))


    SNAP-IX is the world's leading product for SNA and SNA/IP communications to mainframes and is deployed in 100,000s of installations worldwide. In particular, it supports Enterprise Extender connections, which are fast becoming the most popular way to support legacy SNA applications over an IP network.SNAP-IX users benefit from )))

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