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Outtakes in NFV - Talking Clearwater Cloud-Native IMS Core

Simon Dredge | Sep 12, 2016 7:43:00 AM

NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) Clearwater Core VoLTE Mobile Infrastructure Industry Trends

Want to know what happens to the video footage left on the cutting room floor, after the professionals have taken all they need... or can handle? Well, we sweep it up and recycle it - naturally! Check out this short outtake reel from a recent Intel interview and learn how Metaswitch is pioneering cloud-native virtualized network functions to deliver on the promise of 5G and IoT. The sentiment is sincere and the proposition genuine but the performance leaves a lot to be desired. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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The IP Multimedia Subsystem Comes of Age

Simon Dredge | Aug 15, 2016 8:00:00 AM

SBC (Session Border Controller) NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) VoLTE Mobile Infrastructure

They grow up so fast, don't they? It seems only yesterday that the 3GPP gave birth to the IP Multimedia Subsystem and now we are getting ready to celebrate its Sweet Sixteen and turn it loose on the world.

Of course, way back in (Release) 2000 we didn’t even have a name for it, so we called it “All IP”. Supporting its newly minted acronym, the first IMS specifications were frozen in March 2002 under TS22.228 and promised a world where decoupled signaling and media services were delivered from highly decomposed network functions with well-defined (predominantly SIP-based) reference interfaces, providing modular scalability while eliminating the classic application stovepipes. Back then, each and every stovepipe was dominated by a large vendor who dictated every component in the service chain, often compelling network operators to employ expensive, sub-par, components while frequently forcing them to deploy more than one variant of the same product. Our newborn was going to change the status quo. Take the telecom world by storm.

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Employing Blockchains in Consumer IoT Infrastructures

Simon Dredge | Aug 1, 2016 12:47:16 PM

Internet of Things (IoT) Industry Trends

Like many of you, I have taken a back seat over the last few years as Bitcoin bedlam has swelled, subsided and swelled once again. Let’s be completely honest -- while a form of currency that can’t be systematically plied from my wallet by my teenager and plunked down on the counter of the Hot Topic at my local mall in exchange for various useless Once Upon A Time-branded items is appealing, I have little use for it in my daily life.  Naturally, I put my indifference on hold for a brief time, along with the rest of our (typically apathetic)1 industry, when Verizon Ventures announced in September 2015 that they see value in the Bitcoin Blockchain.2 I quickly moved on, however, when I remembered how confused I was when I previously had read up on Blockchains and how little I cared about something that had nothing to do with MPLS or a PCE.

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Guaranteeing QoS for the IoT - With the Obligatory Pokemon Go References

Simon Dredge | Jul 20, 2016 2:00:00 AM

NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) Internet of Things (IoT) Industry Trends

References that, like everyone else right now, I’m using to grab a few additional page views. Do I feel as slimy as an Ekans?1 Yes -- but my mother is proud of me. Then again, she is also a proud supporter of the Crystal Palace Football Club, so I generally take her adulation with a grain of salt. Sorry, Mum.2

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Deterministic, Time-Sensitive Networking for IoT

Simon Dredge | May 30, 2016 11:30:00 PM

SDN (Software Defined Networking) PCE (Path Computational Element) Industry Trends

Having read my post on the Path Computation Element, “Pixie Dust and Unicorn Stuff,” and finding only one small error [see the footnotes for details], our resident PCE expert graciously informed me that “you got off pretty lightly there.” Which, of course, I had. He also asked if I was aware of the deterministic networking application for the PCE, which I hadn’t covered. Without even having to lie, I responded that I was, having joined the IETF DetNet Working Group mailing list back in May 2015 -- even prior to the BoF attaining working group status in early October 2015. Though not a liar, I am a complete idiot, in that I had totally forgotten about it when it came to writing that post. While I thought this was a perfect opportunity for him to write a guest blog on the topic, he reminded me that he has real work to do and couldn’t spare the time. A great pun, considering the topic in question, and a statement I couldn’t argue with. I hate people with real jobs.

Read More Takes Over VPP and Unites with DPDK to Accelerate NFV Data Planes to Outright Nutty Speeds

Simon Dredge | Mar 15, 2016 3:22:37 PM

NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) SDN (Software Defined Networking) IP Routing Industry Trends

On the realization that I was not about to quit these blog posts any time soon, my inbound marketing manager felt obliged to impart some worldly advice, such as suggesting I load the title up with trending keywords. He had other suggestions as well -- something about quickly getting to the point? -- but I don’t remember exactly what they were, right now. Being one to rebel against the conventional wisdom of pundits, I added the nuts of my own accord.   My esteemed colleagues call me cynical, which is a badge I would wear with pride… if I had a badge… or any pride. Maybe they have a point.

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Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! BGP, MPLS, Segment Routing and PCE!

Simon Dredge | Mar 7, 2016 9:28:16 PM

Networking software SDN (Software Defined Networking) PCE (Path Computational Element) MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) IP Routing Ethernet Industry Trends

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Accelerating the NFV Data Plane: SR-IOV and DPDK… in my own words

Simon Dredge | Dec 31, 2015 11:58:35 AM

SBC (Session Border Controller) Perimeta NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) virtual networking virtualization Cloud Industry Trends

It is true -- much has been said about both SR-IOV and DPDK in the past, even right here on our very own blog. I see this as a challenge: An opportunity to tell the story of data plane acceleration in a slightly different way. Our copy editor also sees this as a challenge, of course, as she wades through the mass of potential source material searching for blatant examples of plagiarism in my work. Apparently the “sincerest form of flattery” argument doesn’t hold much weight in the writing community.

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The Missing Link: Service Function Chaining and Its Relationship to NFV

Simon Dredge | Nov 25, 2015 9:30:00 AM

NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) SDN (Software Defined Networking) MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) service function chaining (SFC) Industry Trends

I remember that ‘aha’ moment when I first heard about Service Function Chaining (SFC). It was that realization that, along with NFV, I was witnessing another technological proposition in its embryonic stage which could fundamentally change the business model of network operators and the way network services are delivered. If that sounds a little melodramatic, that’s good - I have been rehearsing my dramatic prose, of late. If you don’t want to buy into my hysteria, that’s probably wise, however SFC still warrants a look-see.

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Programming Protocol-Independent Packet Processors: Can P4 Fix OpenFlow?

Simon Dredge | Nov 19, 2015 9:00:00 AM

NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) SDN (Software Defined Networking) Industry Trends

The report of my death was greatly exaggerated. If OpenFlow were as melodramatic as Mark Twain, it may well have uttered those words back in mid-2012 when Network Computing predicted its ultimate demise by the year 2014. This was both a bold statement and prescient, for it was only a year later that OpenFlow’s founding fathers starting doubting the future of their creation. This was summed up best by Scott Shenker in statements made at various events over the next 18 months: "This one is unforgivable. We just ignored current systems We should have... recognize(d) that MPLS was right. We should have incorporated it in SDN." This was a clear acknowledgement that while the admirable goal of OpenFlow was a fresh start, in reality we can’t just flick a switch to eradicate the past. It was an admission that we, as an industry, needed to look toward SDN2.

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