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Constrained Shortest Path First (CSPF)

Networking software Layer 3 CSPF (Constrained Shortest Path First)

The Constrained Shortest Path First algorithm is used with Link State routing protocols such as OSPF and ISIS. It resolves Quality of Service routing queries, finding the best route (to an IPv4 or IPv6 destination address) that meets specified constraints, such as a specified minimum bandwidth.

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DC-IP Routing Unicast datasheet

Datasheets Networking software Layer 3 IP Routing CSPF (Constrained Shortest Path First)

The family of IP routing products from Metaswitch's network technologies are architected to handle the scale and reliability requirements of today's internet. Complementary products and development toolkits provide a complete solution that dramatically reduces project costs and time-to-market for communications equipment vendors.

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